Big Data

Big data refers to a large volume of data, in this case we are talking about teras or larger units of measurement. Additionally, it includes the characteristic of diversity of the type of data such as videos, images, audios, text, among others. And in some cases it can imply a great speed in its generation.

When might you need a big data service?

A big data service might be necessary when:

You know you need the service but you don't know how to get started. In that case we offer the consulting service where we can offer:

  • Big data implementation strategies and we generate a detailed roadmap
  • Give you recommendations on data quality management
  • Generate the architecture of the Big Data solution

You are ready to implement a big data solution. In this case we offer the implementation service that consists of the following steps:

  • Big data needs analysis
  • Architecture and design of big data solutions
  • Development of Big Data solutions (a data lake, DWH, ETL / ELT configuration, data analysis (SQL and NoSQL), Big Data reports and dashboards)
  • Configuration of big data governance procedures (big data quality, security, etc.)
  • Development of Machine Learning models

You want to change the provider that manages your Big Data solution. In this case we provide:

  • Administration of big data solutions
  • Big Data software update
  • Adding new users and managing permissions
  • Big data cleaning
  • Big data backup and recovery
  • Health checks of the big data solution
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting the performance of the Big Data solution

You have the storage and you are ready to start applying machine learning models. In this case we can:

  • Configure and support of the infrastructure of the big data solution
  • Develop and deploy the ML model
  • Provide you with predefined reports and dashboards
  • Manage the analytics big data solution


The benefits of having a big data solution are:

  • It allows the growth of the company at a technological level without worrying about the volume and variety of information
  • Ability to use large-scale data analysis
  • Generate data strategies throughout the different areas of the company
  • Optimization of cost / benefit ratio associated with corporate data

Why choose our big data services?

We have a team of experts focused on results, and on guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We have managed more than 27 TB of confidential information in a single project, providing answers to the area of compliance, accounting and risks.

We facilitate access to the information that people and / or areas require when they require it, maximizing response times and minimizing the costs associated with these tasks.


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Apache Kafka

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