Data Warehouse

We create data warehouses for our clients to achieve their strategic objectives around data. We can help reduce response time and improve the realization of reporting and analysis queries with our data warehousing consulting solutions.

When might you need a data warehouse service?

A data warehouse may be necessary when:

  • You need to generate dashboards
  • Conduct analyses at different levels like for example areas, city, department, country, and continent)
  • There are information and reporting needs from the departments of the company


The benefits of setting up a data warehouse:

  • Obtain a base structure for the generation of reports
  • Obtain an information structure for consulting different areas
  • Handle a high volume of data efficiently for reporting

Why choose our service?

We offer a comprehensive service that can include:

  • Consulting on database design and configuration
  • Data migration to the cloud.
  • Data architecture and modeling
  • Integration of data from multiple data sources
  • Setting up a roadmap to manage the data warehouse after project delivery


Amazon RedShift
Google Big Query

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