Data Lake

A data lake is where data from independent sources and of different types can be stored (no predefined structure is needed).

When might you need this service?

A data lake might be needed when:

  • There has been or is expected to be an increase in data volume and in the type of data sources that makes it difficult to access and analyze. This could affect your daily operation and the fulfillment of strategic objectives.
  • Today's storage solutions are limited in data format and are not scalable.
  • The traditional data warehouses you own are no longer working efficiently due to increasing volume, and extracting and transforming the data takes too long.


Benefits of having a data lake are:

  • Increase user productivity to access relevant data that helps achieve corporate goals.
  • Reduce costs and facilitate scalability
  • Have diversity of data in one place since you can store structured and unstructured data from different sources and in various types of formats, including XML, text, JSON, audio, image, video, etc.

Why choose our services?

We have a team of experts focused on results, and on guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

We aims to:

  • Assess the existing system infrastructure
  • Implement a security and governance strategy
  • Make recommendations on the best way to implement the data lake architecture that best suits your's needs.

We can also:

  • Extract isolated content to the data lake
  • Implement a data governance program
  • Integrate the front-end with a search and analysis user interface
  • Prepare the data, extract metadata, convert from format, add data, among other transformations


Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

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