Our Company

Our purpose
  • Transform data into valuable and reliable information that streamlines the strategic decision-making process.
  • Provide analytical and technological tools that help companies to focus on strategic tasks instead of operational tasks, thus maximizing the time for making strategic decisions.
  • Offer data analytics strategies that allow companies to be competitive, increasing their sales and reducing their costs.


Andrés Camilo Serna

Master in computer science and telecommunications, a specialist in computer forensics, with experience in web software development, process automation, data analytics, Big Data, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence.


Daniela Estrada

Master in Economics with experience in data analytics, process automation, business intelligence, and training in analytics applied to business.

Our Team

Científicos de datosData Scientists

We take care of all the stages of an analytics project, from understanding the problem to cleaning databases, processing and integrating data sources, building advanced statistics or machine learning models, interpreting the results, and training you; this way, you can keep using the solution.

Ingenieros de DatosData Engineers

We focus on managing and optimizing access to data, be it a small or large volume (Big Data). We design and build infrastructures that allow the developed systems to be scalable, with high availability and performance. Additionally, we automate report generation processes, among others.


We focus on conceiving and developing the code (frontend and backend) that brings SaaS applications like DAnalytics Prices and DAnalytics Forecasts to life. We also help put into production the web applications that make the developed analytics models available.


We take care of the process of evaluating all our deliverables to ensure optimal quality, from our software as services (SaaS) such as DAnalytics Prices and DAnalytics Forecasts to our analytics, big data, or data engineering solutions.

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