Churn Prediction

Predicting customer churn consists of estimating the probability that a customer ceases to be a customer, for example, because they cancel the subscription to the service contracted. This is important because it is more profitable to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.

When might you need this service?

You may need this service if you are experiencing a decrease in the customer base; this is the principal indicator but also when we observe a:

  • Increase in complaints and claims
  • Negative comments on social networks that affect your reputation
  • Decrease in what a customer spends on average
  • Decrease in market share


The benefits of obtaining this service could be:

  • Identify customers who are likely to leave before they do
  • Develop a customer retention plan segmented by type of customers
  • Improve the quality of customer service care
  • You will save resources that are not for to those clients that do not bring value to your organization compared to those that are

Why choose our automated reporting service?

Our leaders have more than six years of experience in advanced analytics and machine learning

We offer a comprehensive service that can include:

  • We give codes so you can make modifications. If you don't have a team that knows these programming languages, we make an executable file. This way you don't have to worry about codes, just by putting the data the model needs in the supplies folder you can get results.
  • Possibility of several iterations
  • Reports with detailed and actionable explanations of the results of the models
  • Carrying out a pilot before the project to validate if you have the necessary data



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