Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation consists of finding subgroups within a population. Generally, this has been done in marketing using 2 or 3 geographic, demographic or psychographic areas. This way, you will have the opportunity to offer a service or products more personalized to their needs. However, analytics through clustering techniques have opened the door for us to use dozens of variables in this process, so the result obtained is much more robust.

When might you need this service?

You may need this service when:

  • You are not sure if there are subgroups within the set of clients and if so, what are the characteristics that define them
  • You will be able to move from a standard marketing strategy to a personalized one for every one of your customers. Consequently, this will allow a reduction in all expenses
  • You would like to know if there are buying behavior patterns that are not visible with simple analyzes that you can create in excel


The benefits of obtaining this service could be:

  • Have insights that allow you to direct your marketing and commercial efforts more efficiently
  • Make sure the target audience for your efforts, perhaps a new product, is the correct target audience
  • Know who are the best clients so that they do not allocate more resources than they should receive

Why choose our automated reporting service?

Our leaders have more than six years of experience in advanced analytics and machine learning

We offer a comprehensive service that can include:

  • We give codes so you can make modifications. If you don't have a team that knows these programming languages, we make an executable file. This way you don't have to worry about codes, just by putting the data the model needs in the supplies folder you can get results.
  • Reports with detailed and actionable explanations of the results of the models
  • Carrying out a pilot before the project to validate if you have the necessary data



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