Other Analytics Services

Depending on available data and business objectives, we offer machine learning algorithms or advanced statistical models to support efficient decision making, increase revenue, or decrease costs.

CRISP-DM Methodology

We follow the CRISP - DM methodology in all our analytics projects. Therefore, we handle all processes related to data, including translating the business problem into an analytics problem, and the extraction, cleaning and processing of data. We evaluate the effectiveness of the models so that they meet their objectives in a robust and stable way, and we recommend how often they should be monitored.

Using data and analytics, the following questions can be solved:

How do your customers compare in terms of profitability

Who are the customers that give us the most value

What are the most valuable products or services for our portfolio

What is the probability that a debtor will pay off his credit

In what period can you expect a debtor to pay what is owed

What is the probability that an employee will quit

What should I recommend to my customers to increase the likelihood that they will buy from me

What are the factors that are related to the behavior of my sales and to what extent do they affect them

Not sure if your problem or opportunity can be solved with analytics? Write us and we will evaluate it together.